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I was found in a recycle bin when I was just a few days old. I never saw my cat mom. My fur is very soft. I think I must have felt like mom because my brother and sister got on me and sucked my neck and rubbed the hair off my back. It is growing back now and is a silvery color. I have a silver undercoat, and dark long hairs. I think I will be lovely. I am doing better with my eating, and am not...
I'm Mystery, but I'm no longer a mystery. I am a gorgeous black kitten with a terrific personality that adores people and wants a forever home. It is hard for black kittens. For some reason, fewer people want us. They can't look past our color. I was born in a barn and was the runt of the litter. At 1st it looked like I might be a tortie, but no, I am pure black and shiney and exquisite. I love...
I was found in a recycle bin before my eyes were even open, so I never saw my cat mom. I am all boy, and I have finally gotten my "cuteness" to match my personality. I love rough and tumble play, with my sisters and with my mom and dad. I am trim and muscular and will be s sturdy, strong cat. I will be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks. Keep watching me grow.
Cassandra is a stunning feral and needs a safe barn home.
Shy, quiet, possibly semi-feral.
Lovable and quiet. Will need love and patience. Loves to cuddle.
Semi-feral, needs a great safe barn home.
Jenny was pulled from the EU list at a kill shelter with her brother, Chachi and sister, Joni.
Found in a backyard, huddled against the house and afraid.
Wonderful, quiet, shy, needs a quiet, patient home.
Shy but loves to be loved. Was trapped with his brother Matt and they need to learn to trust. They will be amazing cats when they learn that people can be friendly.
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